22, Aug 2018

The popular saying ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ is indeed so very true. It also cannot be denied that most health problems can be effectively treated and often cured completely if they are spotted early enough. Regular checkups maximize our chance of remaining in good health for years to come.

When it comes to getting education, the most important check up a child needs are the routine eye and ear examination to screen for vision and hearing problems. So we decided to get our students at The Sunshine International School regularly checked up. Renowned Pediatrician Dr. Shivani Mitra M.D.S – Pediatric Dentistry – and Dr.Jaydeep Kansagara-–Pediatric Dentistry of the Amruta Hospital –Rajkot visited our school on Wednesday and did a complete general health and oral health checkup of our students.

Experience shows that poor health hinders the learning progress, interest in activities and overall growth of children. Under the health initiatives undertaken by our school, children’s health is a key component, where in the health and nutrition status of children can be kept track of while checking health issues at nearly stage.