We must Teach in a Way Child can Learn

Remedial Classes in The Sunshine International School is devised and designed to bring students who are lagging behind up to the level of achievement realized by their peers.

There are a number of reasons why a student might need remedial help. Some students attend schools of poor quality, and don’t receive adequate grounding in mathematics and languages to prepare them for the next grades. Other students may have moved into and out of schools or missed school a lot due to various social, emotional or other factors such as health, creating gaps in their education which contribute to lack of knowledge in core subjects.

Remedial classes are often used to stress the rudiments in a subject such as mathematics or language. They can help students who are having problems with concepts they learn at the current level to fully understand the basics of a subject. Students can also use them to catch up on material after a long break from vacation. Remedial Classes can in fact be useful tools to gain a more complete grasp of difficult ideas or rules.

Purpose of Remedial

If a student is significantly behind the expected level for a class, a teacher may require him or her to take a remedial class. These classes act as subject based intervention programme for struggling students, allowing them to work at a more appropriate level, rather than feeling embarrassed in class because they are not at the same level as the rest of the class. Remedial classes can be an antidote to low self-esteemed students, as they encourage students to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a subject and learn at their own pace, rather than feeling pressured to learn everything immediately. These classes usually have tests and homework like any other, often with a focus on review to ensure comprehension by students.

Subjects Covered

Most remedial classes in The Sunshine International School stress on basic concepts that must be understood before complicated chapters can be taken up. In remedial English language classes, for example, teachers might stress grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, whereas a typical remedial mathematics class would usually focus on elementary mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, and fractions. By getting these concepts firmly in hand, students can better focus on learning complex applications of them in the same grade as well as higher grades.

Importance of Understanding

We encourage students who are required to take remedial classes not to feel ashamed. These courses only help students gain a better understanding of a particular subject. By reviewing and focusing on the basics, students become better prepared to keep pace with advanced classes. Remedial courses can also teach students better study and learning habits, to help them succeed where they might have otherwise found difficulty.