Preparation for Lifelong Learning

The Sunshine International School envisions our students developing personal and academic excellence, tolerance, responsibility, and self – confidence within a diverse educational setting. This vision will offer preparation for lifelong learning and effective leadership in society.

Integral to The Sunshine International School philosophy is the recognition that every child is unique and all students learn differently, and that individual needs are best served by a broad, well-balanced curriculum delivered using a wide range of instructional methodology. This approach is enhanced by a strong emphasis on individuals who love children and are passionate about teaching, extra-curricular activities, experiential learning, and critical thinking.

The Sunshine International School students will be equipped with the skills and competencies necessary for success in life. They will be independent thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, and active participants in society who exhibit concern and are sensitized for the protection of our environment, and appreciation of democratic values.

As a child centered institution, The Sunshine International School is dedicated to providing the highest quality education services to all children with parents as equal partners.