Extracurricular Activities

There are countless activities designed to entertain and enrich life at The Sunshine International School beyond the classroom, the library, and the labs.

While participation in games and sports is required for all students, the school also offers many options for our diverse student body. Students can hone their competitive skills with round the year competitions; find their inner Zen in yoga class; feed their inner artist through performing arts, drama, dance; explore the great outdoors while scaling the peaks of Manali; take a nature trek to Hingolgarh; or go and learn about marine life while being a part of the Marine Club – Blue Lagoon to Beyt Dwarka.

The School also has more than 6 student run clubs that range from ‘Paryavaran’ for nature lovers, to ‘Malhar’ – a club for those who are passionate about music. Students can also help in the publication of the school newsletter.

Students’ participation in the extracurricular activities in The Sunshine International School, is the perfect example of how fun facilitates education.