High-Quality Proprietary Curriculum

How effectively does the curriculum of the Primary Section at The Sunshine International School promote student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?


This school’s main focus is on making learning fun. Its curriculum is built primarily around:

  • Firstly, building a positive relationship between the teacher and the taught to allow all communication channels to work in sync. This reflects the school’s belief that teacher-student engagement is essential for all transmissions to occur.
  • Secondly going to the grass root levels of understanding basic concepts. This is largely about effective teaching practice and the skills that students need to become life-long learners.
  • Thirdly, preparing a system that is the essence to promote and that fosters stress-free learning.


We aim to provide a curriculum for all pupils which:

  • Is firmly founded on the traditional value system
  • Focuses entirely upon developing the following in our students:
    • Attitudes and attributes
    • Key skills
    • Knowledge and understanding
  • Is planned and executed with precision to provide a rich broad learning experience
  • Is inclusive and provides equality of opportunity to all students irrespective of individual learning caliber and skills of students
  • Promotes and facilitates personalised learning on a one-to-one basis reflecting our philosophy of child-centered learning and teaching
  • Sets high standard to make learning stress-free and letting the child blossom to its full potential
  • Promotes highest performance level by every child
  • Is monitored, reviewed and evaluated regularly to ensure that:
    • a. Highest standards and quality of learning are achieved
    • b. It reflects and responds to the children’s needs and context
    • c. It continues to match and support the school’s organisation, purpose and direction


iDiscoveri Education is a leading education innovation company focused on learning and leadership with high-quality proprietary curriculum, training, and assessment capability.

Its flagship program XSEED, a path-breaking and comprehensive solution for quality teaching and learning in schools, has gone to scale reaching 700 schools across India with visible impact on student learning.

At the heart of XSEED is the belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, action and reflection as compared to telling which is just one stage of that cycle. XSEED is thus designed around the 5-Step Experiential Learning Method that replaces the one-step ‘Telling’ approach.

XSEED scientifically tracks student and school performance. Schools using XSEED have reported 2-3 times improvement in academic performance in pilot studies. Led by alumni of Harvard, Cambridge, IIM, and IIT, the team of 250+ professionals consists of former principals, education experts and child psychologists with strong competencies in curriculum design, professional development and assessment.