An Active Child is a Happy Child


Preschool teaching is an art form teaching them the basic skills of life. Each and every child is a unique gift of God. It enables them to become independent in their actions. It is not just a learning experience for children, but also for parents who nurture their child. Even a preschool teacher is no less than a potter moulding and shaping young ones.

Our Objectives

We tend to prepare a child physically, mentally, socially and emotionally for formal education. Children who attend pre-primary schools learn faster in formal schooling setups as they quickly grasp the structured curriculums.

At TSIS pre-primary education includes Nursery, Lower / Junior K. G. and Upper / Senior K. G. also from 1, 2 & 3 our school has a set structured curriculum and prescribed activities designed by expert mentors.

Our Aims and Goals:

  • Physical, mental and emotional growth of the child
  • Strong bond with peer mates
  • Building a firm foundation for his/her future education
  • Develop cognitive skills to nurture better intellect
  • Mother teacher concept
  • Child centred approach
  • Serving nutritive diet
  • Pollution free environment
  • Learning through fun and play

Subjects taught at Pre-Primary level for holistic teaching:

Scholastic Subjects:

  • English Language & Text
  • Mathematics
  • EVS (Environmental Studies)
  • Rhymes & Action Songs
  • Story Telling
  • Dramatization

Co-scholastic Subjects:

  • General Knowledge
  • Art & Craft: Colouring & Painting
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Yoga

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities (Indoor activities):

  • Kite making
  • Rakhi making
  • Putting together puzzles
  • Using building blocks
  • Water and sand play

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities (Outdoor activities):

  • Clapping games
  • Singing
  • Musical chair
  • Dog and the bone
  • Hide and seek etc.

Field Trip:

  • Post Office
  • Doll museum
  • Historical places
  • Zoological Park [Sakkar Baugh]
  • Sacred Pilgrimage [Temple/Church/Mosque/Gurudwara, etc.]

Parental involvement

Not only ‘Parents Teachers Meet’ but any day or time we are easily approachable towards esteemed parents informing them about the progress of their child.

“This is how our Pre-Primary education helps to nurture a child’s mind as well as grow into a healthy, socially well-adjusted child and individual”