Tution Policy

As a policy the school forbids all private tuition as all students are able to progress in their work as a result of good teaching and an excellent teacher to student ratio.

Private tuition are not to be taken by Sunshine teachers since that would interfere with the proper execution of their school duties, including the preparation of lessons at home and the correction of exercises.

Since the school follows a progressive and sophisticated methodology, external tuition and coaching classes are not advised. According to us, private tuition do not always help the child to develop into a better student as it induces a sense of lethargy in the child’s study habits –especially during classes in school. The Code of Conduct applicable to teachers of affiliated schools issued by the CBSE also bars any sort of private tuition by teachers of affiliate schools.

Why NO to tuition?

  • The school takes all the responsibility of ensuring that every child attains basic minimum standards in all aspects of schooling (unless the child has learning disabilities).
  • External tuition serve only as crutches for students. We desire to make all our students independent thinkers and learners with healthy learning habits. Only if children start taking their responsibility from a very young age will they become independent in learning when they are older.
  • We at The Sunshine International School follow a structure and scientifically designed methodology of teaching which cannot be followed by the tuition teachers. Also, the difference in the style of teaching between tutors and school teachers will lead to a confused child with a distorted conceptual understanding.
  • Asking children to join tuition classes to ensure that the homework is done is simply not required. The homework is done in school by students under the supervision of teachers.

If at some point the parents feel that their son/daughter is academically weak or not working to his/her potential, they are requested to get in touch with us for an appointment to discuss the same. In remedial education, the child works with a teacher in a very small group and gets his/her concepts clarified. The remedial sessions are compulsorily held during school hours.

Extended Remedial Sessions: (Only for Students of the Primary Section): In case a child of Primary Section has to be given that extra lesson, parents can request the school for an extended remedial class till 6:00 pm on some days.

Why NO to tuition?

We at The Sunshine International School have been very clear on our standpoint on tuition from the very beginning. Students found taking tuition will be viewed seriously and the school may:

  • give a warning letter to stop tuition immediately. Parents must confirm in writing to the Principal within 15 days that tuition has been discontinued.
  • ask the parent to give in writing the reasons for the tuition and if required come and explain the same to the Principal.
  • ask the student to leave the school without any further consideration or refund of admission or tuition fees.

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