Grades 5 – 8

We are committed to engaging and supporting our students of Grades 5-8 in ways that inspire them to be successful and to achieve their best possible learning outcomes. Middle Section students of The Sunshine International School are generally aged between 9 and 14 years. In our school we want to help them to be successful learners and to develop confidence, resilience, a love of learning and a respect for others. These years represent an important stage in their development. These are the years when experiencing positive relationships, being genuinely engaged in learning and developing high self-esteem have a major and lasting impact on each young person. In our school, therefore, we provide innovative and expanded opportunities for students in Grades 5-8 to learn and grow in ways that acknowledge and respect them as individuals. Our purpose is to connect with these children in ways that direct their energy, shape their self-concept and raise their expectations. We have designed our curriculum to enable students to achieve a secure and successful future, one characterised by personal achievement, physical and emotional well-being and a balanced way of life.

During this important phase of life, these children are moving from concrete to abstract thinking. They have an intense curiosity and a growing capacity for higher order analysis and reflection. They are also moving towards more rational decision making and a better understanding of the consequences of behaviour. For many students the transition from primary to middle school can be exciting and smooth sailing. For others it can be a time of apprehension and anxiety. Many young adolescents feel an intense need to belong and be accepted by their peers. They strive to be independent, but while outwardly confident they are often insecure and sensitive to personal criticism. They increasingly turn to their peers to define their language, attitudes, self-image and values.

Strengthening connections for students will lead to increased options, improved opportunities for success and a strong sense of optimism for their future.

Students moving through these years today are very different from any generation of students we have taught in our schools. It is our collective responsibility to assist our young adolescent learners to manage the complex changes and challenges they are experiencing.

These students need to develop a positive sense of self and a deep respect for others. We acknowledge the diverse backgrounds of our students. We need to understand and adapt the ways in which we teach, guide, encourage and relate to these students within the context of our growing knowledge about how they think, develop and learn. Our aim is to focus attention on the specific needs of young adolescent learners and provide a coherent and coordinated response to those needs.